7 Ways to Incorporate Plants in Your Home

7 Ways to Incorporate Plants in Your Home

Plants are so special in a home. They make a huge difference in the feel of a home—have you ever experienced the same space with and without plants?

It feels totally different. Plants give rooms life and softness. They take away the harshness of man-made materials and enable a space to be much more hospitable. But how to incorporate them in your home’s interior design? There are amazing ways! Here are the seven best ways to design plants into your space.

#1 Use a single tree

Create a big statement with a single feature tree. Adding a large plant to your living space gives it some of nature’s forest-like softness. A single tree creates a nice vertical design element in the room’s space and makes it feel like a garden room. This works well for a living or family room where you can lounge on the couch under the foliage and feel comfy.


Relax under green leafiness, all while still being in your living room!


A fiddle leaf fig tree is cute in a basket or pretty pot.

#2 Flank something

Use potted interior plants to flank the sides of something in your home! It creates a nice frame with vertical height. The look of the plant pairing is nicely symmetrical so it is very easy on the eye and feels a bit formal. Try using decorative pots or big, striking trees.

Formal topiaries? Check! Or frame the sides of a hallway settee with a pair of plants.
A pair of fiddle leaf fig trees on the sides of a fireplace.
Citrus trees flank the sides of a decorative mirror in a dining room.

#3 Create a grouping

Cluster together potted plants for gorgeous green impact. This is a wonderful way to use plants in the home! You can get a structured set of three matching tiered pots, or mix pots in a creative, yet unified way. Try grouping the pots in a corner, along a wall, under a mirror, on a window ledge, or next to large patio windows.

A mix of plants in different colored pots are unified by similar shape.

A grouping of pots in three creates nice harmony.


Clustering your plant grouping in a corner works well.
A cute windowsill grouping.

Put them under a mirror or near windows.

#4 Line ‘em up

Try creating a more structured group of plants by lining them up neatly. For this look, go with the same type of plant, the same type of pot and/or the same plant stand. This is a pretty, designed look that catches the eye! It’s great for decoration in a hallway or on top of a dresser or counter.

Staggered pathos plants.

Pretty lined up pots with the same species of plant.
A plant stand set is adorable!

#5 A layered plant look

A great way to use plants indoors is layered them in a room, using different sizes and styles. You can mix it up with floor pots, smaller pots on counters, hanging plants, tabletop arrangements—you choose! If you want a lush vibe in your space, this design could be for you. And you can get some variety in plant species which, if you love plants like me, you’ll love playing with!

A mix of floor plants and viney things.

Lush-ify a sunroom with layers of greenery!

Layer on those plant babies!

Bedrooms and kitchens love plants too.

#6 Decorate the wall

What better way to decorate a wall than with a living thing?! A plant on a wall is like a piece of art that’s ALIVE—and it’ll change and evolve with time. There are a variety of ways to add plants to your wall. You can grow vines on a honeycomb structure, simply pin them up, or let them drape down over a wall ledge. Or use a wall hanger that allows you to plant your beauties in it.

Lay back under your pretty pathos vine.

A formal wall place for ferns.

So many options for vines!

Mix it up with different plants for fun.

#7 Go overboard!

Maybe you should just let loose and go all out! Design a space where you can overload plants to your heart’s delight. If you’re a garden-lover (like me), why not bring the garden inside? You can become a true indoor plant collector when you have a room like one of these. Shelves, plant stands, and hanging baskets will be your friends for a space like this. It would make a great yoga, meditation or writing room.

Unify the plants with a streamlined neutral palette of pots and shelves.

A garden room.
Cactus style.

Shelves and more shelves!

What you’ll need: Cute pots

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Have fun incorporating plants in your home! View more pots and plant stands here.


Love, Janelle

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