How to Incorporate Crystals Into Your Life

How to Incorporate Crystals Into Your Life

Crystals are lovely for increasing good energy in your life! Try out crystals for their healing properties for your body, mind, and soul!

Crystals are powerful, that’s why they’re used in TVs, computers, cell phones, and so on! The way that crystals are structured (they have the most orderly structure that exists in nature) enables them to store and emit energies/information. Cool, right?! That is the reason they are used in technology and mysticism alike.

Use crystals to shift energy—promoting the flow of good energies and helping rid the body and mind of negative energies. I bet you will notice emotional and physical benefits! Through really all of time, the power of crystals has been known and used for healing rituals, burial rites, spiritual advancement, divination, and as a way to show power. People knew the ability of these magical stones to affect energetic change in the human electromagnetic field.

Each crystal type has different purposes, see this post on the superpowers of different crystal types.

There are many great ways to work with crystals! You can add some to the spaces you spend time in, carry one with you, wear them in jewelry, incorporate great crystal decor in your home interior design, use a crystal facial roller, enjoy sound energy with a crystal tuning fork, and cleanse energy with a sage/crystal ceremony. Keep scrolling for different ways to use crystals in your daily life, with links to some of the best ones on the market!

Carry a crystal with you

Chervronica Crystal
Place this amethyst crystal in your home or carry it with you, to embrace calm, balance, and rest. It comes in a decorative box with a special energy card, making it a lovely, thoughtful gift (if you can resist keeping it for yourself!).
Crystal Love Moon
Janelle Moon

A moon-shaped Rose Quartz crystal to place in your favorite space or carry with you to enjoy its benefits. Rose Quartz helps to maintain a balanced spirit and enhance vibrations of harmony, love, romance, friendship and kindness all while inspiring you to seek out new artistic endeavors.

Mini Crystal Box

The cutest miniature box featuring a coordinated pretty crystal duo that allow you to keep your good vibes within reach.

Serenity Crystal Box
Janelle Moon
This set of crystals is curated for you—it’s all about inspiring serenity and a peaceful state of mind. Gift this to a crystal enthusiast or yogi in your life!

Facial massage with crystals

Amp up your skincare ritual with this Rose Quartz facial roller to promote youthful, smooth skin. Massage your face as part of your nighttime routine, giving it a workout to benefit your skin!

Jade Facial Roller
Janelle Moon
Did you know facial rollers have been used for centuries to achieve youthful, smooth complexions? Rolling it over acupressure points results in happier skin because it gets collagen production going, which leads to better elasticity and reduction in fine lines and wrinkles! The large and small sides of the roller make it perfect for your face, neck, and chest.

Make beautiful sound


Ariana Ost’s crystal grid and tuning fork will let you practice your crystal healing. The crystal grid is a sound healing instrument that releases the power of crystal frequencies.

Ariana Ost Sound Crystal Kit
Uplift the vibes in your space with this gorgeous kit from Ariana Ost, featuring a tuning fork and hand-wrapped crystal on a star dish. Open this kit and start tapping the tuning fork for positive sonics as a new ritual. It looks beautiful while not being used as well!


Sometimes we just need to slooooooow doooooown and this Moon Crystal Tuner can help us do that. Just tap it to bring emotional tranquility, softness and ease into a go with the flow feeling.

Incorporate beautiful crystal accessories in your home

Selenite Tower Crystal

Lucky energy is drawn to your space with this faceted fluorite crystal. Dress up a bookshelf, vanity or display case with this decorative bohemian crystal tower.

Ariana Ost Crystal Hamsa
A Hamsa hand design holds a healing crystal in the palm to help balance energy and improve the vibration of your space. It’s beautiful (and functional) decor for the home! Hands are a symbol of offering and giving and these gorgeous metallic hands give healing power.

Amethyst Crystal Cluster
This natural amethyst crystal cluster stuns as a decoration piece, with its organic, irregular form straight from mother earth.
One of my favorite pieces on the list, a statement centerpiece natural clear quartz crystal that can house a live succulent in the middle! So pretty!
Quartz Crystal Cluster
Janelle Moon

If you need more positivity in your life, this clear quartz crystal seeks to help you out with that. It can add a bohemian feel to a bookshelf or vanity.

Ariana Ost Crystal Moon Dish
Dreamy vibes are yours with this crescent moon etched brass dish by Ariana Ost. Rest well near by the celestial energy of the raw quartz crystal, it would make a perfect nightstand piece.
Agate Crystal Bookends
Bookends in natural agate stone make a wonderful accessory for your bookshelves!

Love, Janelle

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