Astrology IRL: Why You Should Know Your Date's Sign

Astrology IRL: Why You Should Know Your Date's Sign

Dating can be confusing for many reasons! One reason is that different people act so differently in the beginning of dating—some people are forward and intense, some are slow and reserved.

Certain people you date you can question whether they even like you because of how much time they take and how reticent they are! But one big secret in dating is that a person’s sun sign in astrology explains a lot of this.

You really should know your date’s sign to understand more about why they act the way they do. It helps you discern what’s happening and enables you to better handle the situation. A person’s sun sign in astrology is their “sign”—the one that people refer to when asking people at parties and such. We all actually have more signs for our personal astrology charts (for each of the sun, moon, planets, and more) but it is the sun sign that gives the best overall personality description of an individual! Someone’s sun sign will really enlighten you to their behavior in dating, so get to know it and you can better relate to them!

Learning your date’s sign helps you to “speak their language.” You’ll be much less likely to inadvertently offend them by being too passive or too aggressive for their liking. The differences affect a lot of aspects of dating. You’ll see in the descriptions that certain signs enjoy things like last minute casual dates, while certain other signs are all about following the rules and behaving appropriately, and more.

Read the descriptions below to know how each of the signs behave in dating and potential love relationships. We will focus on discussing the men of these signs, but the same characteristics apply to women in these signs! Whenever you start talking to someone new, find out their sign and reference it on this page. It will help so much.

Aries sign in love

An Aries person is lusty and impatient. If you’re interested in an Aries, don’t hesitate or be shy or subtle. You can get away with flirting boldly. Propose a casual, spur-of-the-moment date. Don’t leave doubt in the Aries’ mind that you’re interested. If your efforts aren’t getting anywhere with them, just pull back and try being unavailable. Definitely don’t plead, beg, or complain. Aries doesn’t tolerate neediness or small-time behavior.

  • Make him laugh, Aries loves to laugh and have fun!
  • Reveal your high-energy adventurous nature—hiking, sports, hopping on a motorcycle, etc.
  • Aries wants to feel like they won you, so don’t give yourself up too easily. Make them chase you because they love that.
  • Make him feel appreciated and loved, that means so much to him because deep down he really wants the happily-ever-after love story.
  • Be positive and fun-loving—these are two qualities that Aries values very much in himself and in a lover.
  • Aries expects you to have the same love of family as he has.
  • He has a big social conscious and will expect you to be there with him kindly giving back to the community and those in need.
  • Aries men appear calm on the outside but are juggling and planning many things on the inside. He has plans for the two of you as well, just ask him, you should be pleased.
  • Aries guys have a big sexual appetite. He will love it if you show him a bit of sexual aggression.
  • Tell an Aries how he makes you feel and that you love him. He needs to hear it and will never tire of telling you how he feels about you.

Don’t: Try to control an Aries’ behavior, call too much or demand too much intimacy from them. These will cause you to lose favor with them.

Taurus sign in love

A Taurus person requires domestic comfort, physical contact, and emotional and financial security. If you’re interested in a Taurus, hang around and be patient. Security is essential for Taurus, so give them a chance to feel comfortable. Give your Taurus a safe haven by providing soft touches, rich food, lazy afternoons, good wine, leisurely strolls in nature, and all other reasons to be relaxed. Taurus responds to lovely scents and textures, so wear cashmere, silk, velvet, tweed—anything touchable.

  • Taurus men are attracted to women with ladylike elegance, so dressing on the conservative side with a little feminine whimsy is good. Nothing over-the-top or excessive in makeup, hair, or dress.
  • Fragrance is very important to a Taurus. Wearing a sweet, romantic earthy and floral scent will attract him.
  • Physical touch is huge to a Taurus and he will like it if you gently put your hand on his arm, leg or hand. He is fine with you taking the lead to kiss him at the end of your date.
  • Stability and security is important, so he will care about you being wise with managing your money.
  • A Taurus values your ability to stay calm and composed in even the most trying situations.
  • He wants you to be resourceful, neat, and well-organized.
  • Taurus men are usually not game players and are extremely loyal, and they want you to be the same.

Don’t: Argue with them. Reveal no deep-seated neuroses.

Gemini sign in love

Gemini people are proponents of casual sex and outrageous flirting. If you’re interested in a Gemini, be upbeat, up-to-date, unpredictable, and available. Gemini has quick wits and is well-informed, curious, and game for whatever. Exhibit these same qualities to capture a Gemini’s attention! Engage in lively conversation with them. Geminis are bored easily so anything you can do to be interesting is a good thing.

  • Give a Gemini time and space. They like someone who has their own life, friends, passions, and goals.
  • Be mysterious and keep a Gemini guessing. They are curious and it will help them stay interested if you don’t reveal too much about yourself too soon or become sexual too quickly.
  • Be unique and express differing opinions because Geminis love a healthy debate.
  • A Gemini likes things to be light and fun so flirt and laugh with him. He loves to be the center of attention.
  • He takes pride in being well-versed in many subjects of discussion and he prefers you to be as well.
  • A Gemini desires a partner who is as energetic and curious about people, places and things as he is in the game of life.
  • Geminis are not ones who like to be tied down, they prefer more of a “friends with benefits” arrangement. So don’t be overly clingy or possessive.

Don’t: Be morose or complain. Don’t bemoan the sad state of affairs in the world today. Don’t demand that your dates be scheduled weeks in advance.

Cancer sign in love

A Cancer person is caring and sentimental. If you’re interested in a Cancer, think kisses, roses, chocolate, and candles. A monogamist to their core, Cancer is amorous and tender—the real deal. Have a date by the ocean. Go dancing. Go anywhere by moonlight. Some signs do these things because they think they should. Cancer people do them because they respond to these traditional symbols—and because they crave intimacy. Do these three things: Ask about your Cancer’s entire family tree; prove that you can cook; and be willing to discuss your emotions—in glorious detail.

  • Cancers are shy and it is best to turn on the charm and pursue him, instead of thinking he will pursue you! To do this, it’s a good idea to first make friends with him, then take the first steps to shift it into something more.
  • Be direct with him, instead of trying to give subtle hints about what you want. Just don’t be pushy.
  • A big trick to winning over a Cancer is through his stomach! So invite him over for dinner. He will love it if you can cook.
  • Take things slow, Cancer men are a bit skittish when it comes to love. If he agrees to spend time with you, you can trust that he’s interested in you.
  • His family and family of friends are very important to him, so be nice to them. Tell him about your family too, and if you have dreams of a home and family of your own!
  • Financial security is important to him and he’ll want to know you can take care of yourself financially and have career plans for your future. Offer to split the check or pay for your ticket on a date, he may decline but he’ll be more attracted to you for offering.
  • Take it slow in prying into his life, learn things naturally as a flow of conversation and don’t push it.
  • Be tactile with a Cancer—they love the touch of a hug or peck on the cheek when you meet, or a gentle touch on his shoulder or hand.
  • Show vulnerability and empathy with him emotionally.

Don’t: Think a Cancer will pursue you. Cancers are very afraid of being rejected, so take the first steps to turn things into something more!

Leo sign in love

Leos are radiant and love being loved. If you’re interested in a Leo, exude confidence, look amazing, and spend money on them. Leo has expectations of flowers following the first date, and the stakes rise higher after that. It’s not a matter of greediness; Leo just wants to be sure of your feelings. Leo will judge the quality of your offerings, so don’t be cheap. Plus, Leo is a glutton for attention, affection, and compliments. You can’t lay it on too thick with this person—Leos think the more admiration and adoration they can get the better, and in their opinion they deserve a lot of it.

  • Be optimistic and radiate confidence, Leos love that.
  • Leos want someone they can be proud of and show off, so take pride in how you look.
  • Wear vibrant, sunny, bright colors to attract a Leo man. Up-to-date fashionable style is desired by him as well.
  • Enjoy and take pleasure in the finer things in life, Leo loves to see you having fun.
  • A Leo is attracted to someone who is playful, laughs, sociable, and publicly flirts with him.
  • Outdoor playful activities are a big hit with Leos, and pets can be included.
  • Seduce a Leo and don’t be shy about telling a Leo you’re interested, but let him chase you.
  • Only have eyes for your Leo, don’t let your attention or gaze wander.
  • Be affectionate both physically and verbally.

Don’t: Forget to admire and compliment a Leo.

Virgo sign in love

Virgo people are into intelligence and they have high standards for their partner. If you’re interested in a Virgo, admire his intelligence; show him articles; play with words; and compliment his sharp mind. In the sheets, Virgo can be absolutely red-hot, but Virgo is also a control freak—as uptight as they come. Keep to appropriate behavior and proper appearance at all times, especially in public.

  • Appearance is important to Virgos—they want you to look neat and coordinated, in a simple yet perfect way, as opposed to wearing trendy fashions.
  • Show that you have an honest character. You won’t win him by playing games or trying to be someone you’re not.
  • Keep conversations down-to-earth and direct, don’t be pretentious. He’s looking for a steady partner.
  • Virgos want someone to share their analytical approach to life, talking about serious subjects like politics, life, philosophy, and religion.
  • Be punctual, manners and convention are important to Virgos and showing up on time represents respect to him.
  • Virgo men usually prefer home-cooked meals over going to a trendy restaurant. If you can cook a good meal that will be a huge sign showing him you would be a good domestic partner.
  • Let your Virgo guy be the one to set the romantic pace. Let him decide when it is the right time to kiss you, don’t jump the gun here. If that first kiss comes, accept his kiss gently and naturally.

Don’t: Display messy emotions or be a “helpless female.” In fact, avoid messes of all kinds. Don’t go for affection in public because Virgo is all about proper behavior!

Libra sign in love

Libra people are attractive, charming, and romantic. If you’re interested in a Libra, be stylish, smart, cultured, and look good. Take a Libra to places with natural beauty—Libra melts in scenic surroundings. Do your best to not be needy (don’t cry wolf with a Libra because they only respond when it is important) or jealous (Libra attracts admirers everywhere and flirts like mad). Healthy disagreement is okay for Libras, but don’t get loud or lewd. Libras thrive in a relationship, mated to someone.

  • Appearance is particularly important to Libra men who seek out beauty and aesthetically pleasing things.
  • Libra men actually prefer to be chased, but don’t be overly aggressive with this highly observational creature. Charm him with pleasant conversation, smiles, and a lot of intentional eye contact.
  • Libras like to be social and not always just sitting at home watching T.V.
  • Make romantic gestures and accept them from him (like him opening the door for you), Libras love all that stuff.
  • Libra men like an intelligent, bright, witty partner.

Don’t: Be needy or jealous. Don’t be loud or lewd because Libras can’t stand that.

Scorpio sign in love

Scorpios are intense and demand grand passion. If you’re interested in a Scorpio, be intense and expressive. Sing Gershwin or Cole Porter. Invite Scorpio over to see Casablanca. Watch an eclipse together. With a Scorpio, feel free to play games, to imply, and to pull back. This sign loves that stuff. Be suggestive, secretive, manipulative, and a bit aggressive—while simultaneously being emotionally available. Let a Scorpio know how enrapturing they are by keeping your attention on them and making a lot of eye contact. Really, no one compares.

  • Scorpios enjoy the romantic dance of flirting and the sexual tension it creates.
  • Scorpios are intrigued by mysteries and love discussing various theories for hours.
  • Attentive, passionate lovers, Scorpios often have the reputation of being playboys (see Leonardo DiCaprio). However, when he thinks he finds his soulmate he will swiftly take himself off the dating market.
  • He wants you to reciprocate the intimate attention he gives you, which to him demonstrates that you love him.
  • Scorpios are extremely adoring of their beloved, thinking you are perfect. Eventually you will reveal how human you actually are. He will overlook this and still have loyalty to you, as long as you stay honest and never betray him.
  • A Scorpio is a jealous lover and you should not give him reasons to be jealous. Reassure him that you are loyal and can be trusted.
  • Never, ever lie to a Scorpio. He won’t give you a second chance as he holds honesty in very high regard.
  • High morality and integrity matter to a Scorpio.
  • Scorpios are ambitious and want you to be too, he finds being a power couple exciting!
  • Tell a Scorpio the truth about what you really think, express your opinions to him. He is very sensitive to anyone not being truthful about themselves or their beliefs, he can see right through that.

Don’t: Be unreliable or flaky. Don’t play it too cool either, Scorpio will just think you’re uninterested and then lose interest in you.

Sagittarius sign in love

Sagittarius people love freedom and unpredictability. If you’re interested in a Sagittarius, be relaxed and don’t come on strong. Traditional courting makes a Sagittarius squirm. Instead, be witty, casual, lighthearted, spontaneous, and fun. Last minute dates work in your favor; don’t lay down too many rules with a Sagittarius. Remember that Sagittarius is all about being free-spirited and the unexpected is delightful to them. So keep your passport up-to-date. Be willing to be daring.

  • Sagittarius men are always on the move, capture his attention with your best physical assets—pronounce your figure, play up your eyes, and keep your smile shining and big.
  • A Sagittarius is all about the passion of the moment and they thrive on being intrigued, instead of getting deeply immersed in conversation.
  • Reveal yourself in layers to a Sagittarius, making him feel like he never knows you fully. And seem capable of change.
  • Sagittarius’ love a challenge so he should feel challenged to get and keep your attention.
  • He wants you to join him in the busy stuff in life he takes part in, but he won’t beg you to. If you don’t he will happily do everything on his own. Take an interest in his interests, make his hobbies your hobbies, go traveling with him, and engage in an active social life! But at the same time keep your own life, interests, and personality—and don’t be too available.
  • Sagittarius men want to be out and about often, not always having nights in. If you are a true home-maker and love the indoors, you’ll clash.
  • Keep conversations positive and happy as Sagittarius men always try to see the bright side of things.
  • Even in a committed relationship, he needs to feel he is free—don’t stop his plans to take a spontaneous road trip or take on a new project. You must be a trusting, secure person to be with him.

Don’t: Rush a Sagittarius: No matter what they say, most of them are commitment-phobic. They need to relax into relationships.

Capricorn sign in love

A Capricorn person is cool and contained. If you’re interested in a Capricorn, follow the rules as Capricorns do. Dress with class, be polite, be successful, be admiring. Offer up respectable, high-class activities—theater, art exhibits, lectures. Let things unfold naturally with a Capricorn. Don’t try to rush it, instead be patient: Capricorn represses emotions and generally takes things slowly. But Capricorn plays for keeps.

  • Capricorns care about the long haul, looking toward the future and hoping to have a family one day. He wants a committed, serious relationship with someone who is loyal. Show him your serious side and how dedicated you can be. Share your life with him to help him feel a part of it. Show him your loyalty both to him and to others.
  • A Capricorn portrays a strong image but really just wants someone who will be there for him, supporting him. Show him you can both take of and support one another.
  • Capricorns are attracted to those who are hard-workers and have ambitions of their own.
  • Help emotionally lift him as Capricorns are serious and can even border on melancholy sometimes. They appreciate someone who can make them laugh with a great, even offbeat, sense of humor.
  • Capricorns need space to withdraw and reflect on how they feel and see where the relationship is going. It can feel like he’s pushing you away, but really it is his desire to reflect. Let him.
  • Don’t take it personally when he doesn’t call for a while or spends a few days apart so that he can feel comfortable again. Don’t push too hard but you can sometimes leave reminders to let him know you are still committed to the relationship.
  • Inside Capricorns do have a voracious sexual appetite, when appropriate and with time, their passion will awaken.
  • Capricorns are attracted to material wealth and the prestige that comes with it.
  • Capricorn men love their mate to be hardworking in their career, with a solid reputation and future goals.
  • Family is important to him and he strives to be a good provider, show him you are also family-oriented.
  • A Capricorn wants a loving, understanding partner, someone who helps create a soft landing place at home when times are tough.

Don’t: Jump into bed right away. Don’t be aggressive, vulgar, or nag.

Aquarius sign in love

Aquarius people are friendly and connect easily but superficially with people. If you’re interested in an Aquarius, prepare to meet more eccentrics than you knew existed outside of the Land of Oz. Aquarius people collect them! Your mission is to strike an Aquarius as irreplaceable and fascinating enough to add to the collection. There’s no need to present yourself falsely or to iron out the kinks. On the contrary. Be independent (but available). Express your opinions. And be yourself—the more unique, the better. A dozen roses? No, no, no. An invitation to a midnight jaunt through the meat-packing district? That could work.

  • Aquarius is attracted to the intellect of a potential partner—convey that you are intelligent, interesting, and a bit edgy.
  • Express your own original, exciting beliefs and opinions, then be open to a friendly debate and listen to what he has to say.
  • Be quirky in your thinking, acting, dress, etc.
  • Aquarius men like independent women who are going places in life, with a career and plan for themselves.
  • He is open to different, eclectic people, places, and things and he wants you to be open-minded too.
  • He is altruistic and would love you to have a selfless nature and care about making the world a better place.
  • An Aquarius man is detached and cool but he is looking for love. He doesn’t rush into a relationship, though. He will take time to consider if you are his intellectual equal and could be his friend which is most important.
  • Give him space and play down romance with this guy. Focus on being his friend, go on with your life, and don’t be jealous, clingy, or otherwise emotionally dramatic.
  • Be yourself and if he does chase you, you’ll know you’ve met all his qualifications.

Don’t: Be rigid and traditional, an Aquarius loves unconventionality.

Pisces sign in love

A Pisces person is looking for a soulmate connection. If you’re interested in a Pisces, be strongly romantic. The Pisces sign wants to be swept off their feet, but in a gentle way. Being too aggressive may work for a little while (Pisces can be submissive), but over time, it won’t sit well. Pisces wants love to mean a coming together of two twin souls, companions united against the battles of daily life. Pisces also wants candlelit dinners, sentimental gifts, Valentine’s remembrances, the whole shebang.

  • Pisces men want you to be there for them mentally, emotionally and physically.
  • Pisces are interested in spirituality, art, music and all the other immersive experiences in the world, and you should be too. Anything in the mystic or creative worlds is right up his alley. Show him your appreciation of these things.
  • He is very sensitive and empathetic, and he wants someone he can be comfortable with. Show him that he can trust you and he’ll open up to you emotionally.
  • Be gentle with a Pisces man, he doesn’t like a woman who’s loud or garish. Instead, have a sweet demeanor to win his affections.
  • Pisces will appreciate you being generous and helpful, as he is these ways. The worst thing you could do is be cruel to others.
  • Pisces likes discussing deep, meaningful subjects instead of topics like gossip, the evening news or career development.
  • Unlike some other signs who are blinded by beauty alone, Pisces is interested in what lies at the depths of your soul. If he’s in love with you, he likes what he sees in your heart!

Don’t: Give Pisces advice—no matter how you phrase it, Pisces hears it as criticism, so lay off.

Love, Janelle

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