The Superpowers of Crystals

The Superpowers of Crystals

Want to enhance healing of your body, mind, and soul? Crystals are a magical gift from the earth that can be used to shift energy—promoting the flow of good energies and helping rid the body and mind of negative energies.

Through really all of time, the power of crystals has been known and used for healing rituals, burial rites, spiritual advancement, divination, and as a way to show power. People knew the ability of these magical stones to affect energetic change in the human electromagnetic field.

Here’s a guide to the benefits of different crystals, and great ways to use them in your life!


Amethyst is a beautiful purple crystal that is a highly spiritual stone. It is healing and protective. It’s thought to open up the third eye and connect people with their intuition and spiritual wisdom (even psychic abilities!). It's also associated with mental clarity. Try finding a quiet place to sit uninterrupted with the stone in your hands and see if any new insights come through.

This is a good crystal for benefiting sleep, from helping relieve insomnia to understanding dreams. And in the body, it’s said to cleanse blood, boost hormone production, and relieve pain and stress.

Using Amethyst
Drop this crystal into your water filter pitcher or bottle and just drink the water. Amethyst is absolutely safe to drink (some crystals are NOT so please check a reliable source before ingesting gem water). Make sure to clean your Amethyst before putting it into water, though (by wiping it with a soft cloth and isopropyl alcohol, or washing it in salt water).

Amethyst Crystal Pyramid
Janelle Moon


Aventurine can help you to feel more optimistic and overcome feelings of self-doubt because, like rose quartz, it's thought to open the energy of the heart. The next time you're feeling frustration and anger bubble up in your chest, take a few deep breaths with Aventurine in your hand to calm down.

Using Aventurine
You can wear Aventurine to help absorb electromagnetic smog and guard against environmental pollution. Near a cell phone, it can help protect against its emanations. Also try using it to assist you with any written work, typing and computer skills, or in general to overcome any clumsiness.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is intensely protective, forming a shield against emotional and physical negativity. It can help you find your true sense of self by helping you rid emotional blockage and enhance qualities of clarity, strength, and compassion. Physically, Black Obsidian may help in digestion and detox while potentially reducing pain and cramps.

Using Black Obsidian
Put this stone on your nightstand, in your pillowcase, or in your hand as you fall asleep to help decompress and ground yourself at the end of the day!

Black Obsidian Elephant
Janelle Moon

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a bodyguard to energy—with its deep black color helping repel any negative energy before it has a chance to enter your life.

Using Black Tourmaline
To cultivate a light, positive vibe at home, this is a great crystal to decorate with. To decide on the best room to place it in, consult a Feng Shui map.


Bloodstone is known for its energizing power, so have it around to help you stay motivated as you work toward your goals! It’s said that Bloodstone helps cleanse the blood by drawing off negative environmental energies and improve circulation. If you've hit a roadblock in your professional or personal life and need to get back on track, this is the gemstone for you.

Using Bloodstone
Try wearing Bloodstone or placing it on your desk or at-home altar to increase your sense of enthusiasm and drive.


Carnelian is a great vibrant orange crystal for creative people! Use it to remove blockages that leave us feeling uninspired, burnt out, and stuck. Simply looking at its brilliant color stimulates energies of passion, confidence, motivation, and joy.

Using Carnelian
Pack Carnelian with your tampons or pads! And when you feel PMS coming, hold Carnelian in your hand as much as you can. It is also helpful to lie down and put Carnelian on your abdomen during your menstruation time of the month.


Celestite's name is derived from the Latin word caelestis, meaning celestial. And it is this stone's heavenly blue color that can help drum up the kind of peace and happiness we get when looking up at the sky on a clear day! It's an ideal crystal for the bedroom to promote a tranquil and harmonious energy field and encourage restful sleep.

Using Celestite
Place a Celestite cluster crystal in any area of your home that has become energetically stagnant or negative to gently cleanse the area and fill it with positivity. It is ideal for the bedroom or meditation space because it can help calm racing thoughts and invite a sense of tranquility. Celestite is also good in the workplace to combat stress, and place it anywhere you want healing energy.

Celestite Crystal Cluster
Janelle Moon


Citrine is a powerful crystal of happiness, light, and presence. It is a good stone to hold if you want a friendly reminder to be mindful and appreciative of the world as it is right this moment. Citrine can enhance mind activities, such as creativity and concentration.

This stone can be used as a partner in manifestation, as it encourages dreaming big, optimism, motivation, and enthusiasm. It also helps you release negative traits, like fear, from your life!

Using Citrine
Citrine can be great for a thirty-day Abundance Altar! Make one by placing a piece of Citrine on top of a stack of clean, new $1-bills on your desk. (Like one hundred $1-bills.) The new bills symbolize that money coming in has fresh energy on it. In addition to the Citrine, add other items to your altar that symbolize power and abundance to you. It could be a picture of someone you really admire in business; or perhaps a little statue of Goddess Lakshmi (the Hindu goddess of wealth); or in the Chinese Feng Shui tradition, you could add a small money tree to your altar as green represents prosperity, money, and growth. After you’re done decorating your Abundance Altar, it is ready to be activated! Make a ceremony out of this occasion. Burn some sage or palo santo to clear the air and take some time in front of your altar for positive visualizations of what you would like to call into your life. Thoughts are very powerful, and if we put positive energy behind our thoughts then we can more quickly manifest what we want. Try holding the Citrine and money in your hands as you do your visualization. Do this ritual daily for thirty days. (To really enhance the effect: In Feng Shui, identify your “success direction” in your Bagua Chart. Locate your success direction here prior to doing your thirty-day ritual and locate your Abundance Altar in that corner of your home!)

Happy Crystal - Citrine
Janelle Moon


Jasper is a smooth crystal that is known as the “supreme nurturer.” Allow the magic of this stone to support you through stressful times and empower your spirit! It promotes confidence, quick thinking, and courage and protects against negative vibes. These qualities make Jasper good for when you’re tackling important issues.

Using Jasper
Jasper is useful for several body issues. Try using it during a diet for emotional support and strength in self-discipline, as well as boosting physical energy levels. It is also useful for long periods of fasting. Or, use Jasper if you’d like to become pregnant as it is believed to increase fertility and is conducive to happy pregnancies.


Known for “new beginnings,” Moonstone encourages inner growth and strength. In times of starting fresh, this stone can soothe uncomfortable feelings of stress and instability so you’re able to move forward successfully. It’s also claimed to promote intuition, positive thinking, and inspiration while bringing forth good fortune.

Using Moonstone
Place moonstone near your bed, or under your stomach (try under the mattress) to improve difficult hormonal, reproductive, and fertility issues. These same locations also can help increase or balance feminine emotions and receptivity.


Ruby is a red standout crystal that helps restore energy and vitality levels. This makes it able to help improve things such as sensuality, sex, and intellect! It is also said to be able to reveal truth to the mind and bring about greater self-awareness. Used in ancient times, Rubies have been thought to assist in removal of toxins from blood and improve the circulatory system.

Using Ruby
Rubies makes beautiful jewelry and when worn can help you to feel renewed and recharged!


Sapphire is a blue stone of great wisdom and royalty. It can help open up the mind to accepting intuition and beauty and has the ability to help attract happiness, prosperity, and peace. In the physical body, this stone is claimed to also help heal cellular levels, eye issues, and blood disorders while also helping to ease anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Using Sapphire
Sapphire is a wonderful crystal to use in jewelry and should ideally be worn whenever you are signing a contract or entering into payment negotiations. Sapphire crystals are also perfect for practicing lucid dreaming and yoga.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a golden stone useful for a boost in power or motivation in your life. It’s said to help rid the mind and body of anxiety, fear, and self-doubt. This can be beneficial for career aspirations or even matters of the heart. This crystal is also said to help guide you to balance and harmony to help you make clear, conscious decisions.

Using Tiger’s Eye
Due to the ability of Tiger’s Eye to help you with wealth and prosperity, use it in your office space!


Turquoise, a “master healer,” is believed to be an energetic connection between heaven and earth. This stunning blue stone has been highly regarded for its protective and lucky properties since ancient times! It is a good luck charm that can help balance your emotions while finding your spiritual groundings. Turquoise is said to benefit the skeletal, respiratory, and immune system.

Using Turquoise
Having trouble putting words to your feelings or perspective? Use Turquoise as it is also a crystal of communication, so it might be able to help you speak up. Also, consider giving something with a Turquoise crystal to a friend or family member who could use a little luck on their side. This is because when Turquoise is given as a gift, its healing properties are thought to be magnified!

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a white crystal also considered a “master healer.” Its clear color makes it a versatile stone that can be helpful in healing in a variety of ways by amplifying energy. It is a popular stone that is thought to balance your entire body and stimulate the immune system. Clear Quartz can help balance your mind too, by aiding concentration and memory.

Using Clear Quartz
Try placing a cluster of Clear Quartz in your living room for a beautiful remedy to create more harmony in the family. Or use smooth, clear tumbled crystals to bring some light and freshness to your altar.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. This romantic stone is said to help restore harmony and trust in all different kinds of relationships while improving their close connections. It’s also claimed to help provide comfort and calm during times of grief.

The love Rose Quartz is able to nurture is not just about other people, though! This is a great stone to support you on your journey to find self-love, as it is thought to open up the heart chakra and is very nurturing. It encourages us to forgive both others, and ourselves!

Using Rose Quartz
Try making a love spray with Rose Quartz: Place your Rose Quartz in a glass bowl of filtered water, in direct sunlight from early morning to sunset. Then, pour the crystal-charged water into a glass mister bottle, and add 20 drops of argan oil (almond and jojoba oil also work well), and 10 drops of rose oil. Shake it up, and mist yourself or the air around you whenever you feel like you need a little pick-me-up in the love department.

Love Crystal Heart
Janelle Moon

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is one of the most protective crystals, with its strong ability to ward off negative energies.

Using Smoky Quartz
During meditation, try holding this stone in your hand. It can help you become conscious of old, restrictive patterns and beliefs that are holding you back. Energetically, removing this staleness can help clear space for new positive energy to fill in.

Want more crystal love? See this article for more ways to incorporate them in your life!

Love, Janelle

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