How Weight Works: The Only Health & Nutrition Book You'll Ever Need to Get the Body You Want

Being "naturally" thin is easy when you know what matters when it comes to weight! With knowledge comes extraordinary power. Nutrition and fitness expert Janelle Perla has compiled her top tips in How Weight Works!

The trick is to align the body so that it can be a fat burning machine. We can either encourage our body to store fat by what we do, or we can enable it to shed fat by what we do. Simple differences in the way we eat, work, move, breathe, sleep, and more, make all the difference! You will be amazed by how your body "whips into shape" when you work with it, not against it!

Everyone wants to be fit and healthy but so many people don’t know how to do it or how to do it the right way, the sustainable way. In How Weight Works, Janelle shows you how through focusing on what's important you can achieve all you've ever wanted with your body. Through abundance, not deprivation, and joy, not sorrow—it is the anti-diet. The book is a holistic health approach addressing nutrition, digestion, exercise, sleep, managing stress, and environment. Janelle outlines specifics to obtaining the best weight and health, and how anyone can apply them to their life. No matter how busy you are or what personal preferences you have, it is a way of living that works for all—men, women, and children, too!


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